transact [tran-sakt, -zakt] ExamplesWord Origin See more synonyms for transact on verb (used with object)

  1. to carry on or conduct (business, negotiations, activities, etc.) to a conclusion or settlement.

verb (used without object)

  1. to carry on or conduct business, negotiations, etc.: He was ordered to transact only with the highest authorities.

Origin of transact 1575–85; Latin trānsāctus (past participle of trānsigere to carry out, accomplish), equivalent to trāns- trans- + ag(ere) to drive, lead + -tus past participle suffixRelated formstrans·ac·tor, nounpre·trans·act, verb (used with object)un·trans·act·ed, adjectiveSynonym study 1. See perform. Related Words for transact effectuate, conclude, manage, finish, close, jell, sell, accomplish, perform, conduct, enact, prosecute, move, handle, do, negotiate, clinch, discharge, buy, execute Examples from the Web for transact Contemporary Examples of transact

  • You and I may transact our daily cash business in singles, $5s, $10s, and the occasional $20.

    All About the Benjamins: Here’s the Redesigned $100 Bill

    Daniel Gross

    October 7, 2013

  • Historical Examples of transact

  • Austin and I have the most important business to transact at Witherby, so he’s driving me over.


    William J. Locke

  • You confuse me, and how can I transact business if I am confused?

    A Tale of Two Cities

    Charles Dickens

  • The proof of this is that they were willing to transact business with him.


    Joseph Conrad

  • The shaikh came to transact some business of consequence to him.

    Byeways in Palestine

    James Finn

  • The verb kulel means to transact business for another, to act as deputy.

    The Maya Chronicles


  • British Dictionary definitions for transact transact verb

    1. to do, conduct, or negotiate (business, a deal, etc)

    Derived Formstransactor, nounWord Origin for transact C16: from Latin trānsactus, from trānsigere, literally: to drive through, from trans- + agere to drive Word Origin and History for transact v.

    1580s, from Latin transactus, past participle of transigere “to drive through, accomplish” (see transaction). Related: Transacted; transacting.

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