Transalpine Gaul

Transalpine Gaul

Transalpine Gaul noun

  1. See under Gaul(def 1).

Gaul [gawl] noun

  1. an ancient region in W Europe, including the modern areas of N Italy, France, Belgium, and the S Netherlands: consisted of two main divisions, one part S of the Alps (Cisalpine Gaul) and another part N of the Alps (Transalpine Gaul).
  2. Latin Gallia. a province of the ancient Roman Empire, including the territory corresponding to modern France, Belgium, the S Netherlands, Switzerland, N Italy, and Germany W of the Rhine.
  3. an inhabitant of the ancient region of Gaul.
  4. a native or inhabitant of France.

British Dictionary definitions for transalpine gaul Transalpine Gaul noun

  1. (in the ancient world) that part of Gaul northwest of the Alps

Gaul noun

  1. an ancient region of W Europe corresponding to N Italy, France, Belgium, part of Germany, and the S Netherlands: divided into Cisalpine Gaul, which became a Roman province before 100 bc, and Transalpine Gaul, which was conquered by Julius Caesar (58–51 bc)Latin name: Gallia
  2. a native of ancient Gaul
  3. a Frenchman

Word Origin and History for transalpine gaul Gaul n.

1560s, from French Gaule, from Latin Gallia, from Gallus “a Gaul.” Also used somewhat facetiously for “a Frenchman.” Gauloise, popular brand of French cigarettes, dates to 1910.

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