transcendent [tran-sen-duh nt] ExamplesWord Origin See more synonyms for transcendent on adjective

  1. going beyond ordinary limits; surpassing; exceeding.
  2. superior or supreme.
  3. Theology. (of the Deity) transcending the universe, time, etc.Compare immanent(def 3).
  4. Philosophy.
    1. Scholasticism.above all possible modes of the infinite.
    2. Kantianism.transcending experience; not realizable in human experience.Compare transcendental(defs 5a, c).
    3. (in modern realism) referred to, but beyond, direct apprehension; outside consciousness.

noun Mathematics.

  1. a transcendental function.

Origin of transcendent 1575–85; Latin trānscendent- (stem of trānscendēns), present participle of trānscendere. See transcend, -ent Related formstran·scend·ent·ly, adverbtran·scend·ent·ness, nounsu·per·tran·scend·ent, adjectivesu·per·tran·scend·ent·ly, adverbsu·per·tran·scend·ent·ness, nounun·tran·scend·ent, adjective Related Words for transcendent fantastic, abstract, otherworldly, supernatural, ultimate, sublime, absolute, accomplished, boundless, consummate, entire, eternal, finished, hypothetical, ideal, incomparable, infinite, innate, intact, intellectual Examples from the Web for transcendent Contemporary Examples of transcendent

  • A Europe which is no longer open to the transcendent dimension of life is a Europe which risks slowly losing its own soul.

    Pope’s Blistering Attack on ‘Haggard’ Europe

    Nico Hines

    November 26, 2014

  • We should play the role and realize that we are transcendent of it, and playing into it.

    Joseph Campbell on the Roots of Halloween

    Joseph Campbell

    October 31, 2014

  • While he was in a coma for seven days, his consciousness entered a series of transcendent realms.

    Eben Alexander Has a GPS for Heaven

    Patricia Pearson

    October 8, 2014

  • Scientists believe this is the basis of transcendent states of consciousness.

    Drums Aren’t Just for Music: They’re Therapy, Too

    Dale Eisinger

    July 21, 2014

  • Chi, like Samantha (Scarlett Johannson), ends up becoming a transcendent being that threatens her relationship with a human.

    Hollywood Sci-Fi Films Are Ripping Off Anime

    David Levesley

    April 18, 2014

  • Historical Examples of transcendent

  • But, after all, I hope I shall be enabled to be honest to a merit so transcendent.

    Clarissa, Volume 3 (of 9)

    Samuel Richardson

  • Our town, as may be imagined, buzzed with transcendent gossip on the morrow.

    Ruggles of Red Gap

    Harry Leon Wilson

  • Also he sometimes supposes that God is immanent in the world, sometimes that he is transcendent.



  • Society is sure to slander a woman of transcendent beauty and intellect.

    An Outcast

    F. Colburn Adams

  • This is one of the transcendent issues involved in this contest.

    The Continental Monthly, Vol. 6, No. 6, December 1864


  • British Dictionary definitions for transcendent transcendent adjective

    1. exceeding or surpassing in degree or excellence
      1. (in the philosophy of Kant) beyond or before experience; a priori
      2. (of a concept) falling outside a given set of categories
      3. beyond consciousness or direct apprehension
    2. theol (of God) having continuous existence outside the created world
    3. free from the limitations inherent in matter


    1. philosophy a transcendent thing

    Derived Formstranscendence or transcendency, nountranscendently, adverbtranscendentness, noun Word Origin and History for transcendent adj.

    mid-15c., from Latin transcendentem, present participle of transcendere (see transcend).

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