transformism [trans-fawr-miz-uh m] ExamplesWord Origin noun Biology.

  1. the doctrine of gradual transformation of one species into another by descent with modification through many generations.
  2. such transformation itself.
  3. any doctrine or instance of evolution.

Origin of transformism 1875–80; transform + -ism, modeled on French transformisme Examples from the Web for transformism Historical Examples of transformism

  • It does not enter into our plan to set down here the proofs of transformism.

    Creative Evolution

    Henri Bergson

  • Not only did Madame Clémence Royer initiate us into transformism.

    Appletons’ Popular Science Monthly, March 1899


  • If it is based only on the pure theory of transformism, there is nothing explained at all.

    The Science and Philosophy of the Organism

    Hans Driesch

  • From zoology has arisen the study of transformism, which now dominates the whole of biology.

    The Last Link

    Ernst Haeckel

  • Transformism makes no pretence to account for the origin of life, whether animal or vegetable.

    The Old Riddle and the Newest Answer

    John Gerard

  • British Dictionary definitions for transformism transformism noun

    1. a less common word for evolution, used esp to refer to the theory of evolution

    Derived Formstransformist, noun

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