translunar [trans-loo-ner, tranz-; trans-loo-ner, tranz-] ExamplesWord Origin adjective

  1. translunary.
  2. Aerospace, Astronomy. of or relating to the region of space extending beyond the moon’s orbit.

Origin of translunar First recorded in 1925–30; trans- + lunar Examples from the Web for translunar Historical Examples of translunar

  • This translunar preference for the “Over-soul” over every human feeling is not Montaigne’s notion of the passion of friendship.

    Suspended Judgments

    John Cowper Powys

  • British Dictionary definitions for translunar translunar translunary (trænzˈluːnərɪ) adjective

    1. lying beyond the moonCompare cislunar
    2. unworldly or ethereal

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