transoceanic [trans-oh-shee-an-ik, tranz-] ExamplesWord Origin adjective

  1. extending across or traversing the ocean: a transoceanic cable.
  2. situated or living beyond the ocean: transoceanic peoples.

Origin of transoceanic First recorded in 1820–30; trans- + oceanic Related Words for trans-oceanic away, abroad, foreign, different, unfamiliar, alien, external, overseas, offshore, strange, across, transatlantic, transoceanic, transpacific, alienated, antipodal, barbarian, barbaric, distant, exotic Examples from the Web for trans-oceanic Contemporary Examples of trans-oceanic

  • For some time, pressure has been building on international airlines to provide cellphone service on trans-oceanic flights.

    The Parcel Bombers’ Direct Hit

    Clive Irving

    October 31, 2010

  • Historical Examples of trans-oceanic

  • Mr. Field then directed his efforts to the completion of the trans-oceanic section.

    Heroes of the Telegraph

    J. Munro

  • There’s a friendly atmosphere aboard a trans-oceanic rocket.

    The Worlds of If

    Stanley Grauman Weinbaum

  • For trans-oceanic work the very longest wave-lengths are best.

    Letters of a Radio-Engineer to His Son

    John Mills

  • Not many weeks ago I was talking to a well-known American publisher, and our conversation ran on the trans-oceanic view of Europe.

    My First Book:


  • Now I maintain against all the world, that no man knows anything about the power of trans-oceanic migration.

    The Life and Letters of Charles Darwin, Volume II (of II)

    Charles Darwin

  • British Dictionary definitions for trans-oceanic transoceanic adjective

    1. on or from the other side of an ocean
    2. crossing an ocean

    Word Origin and History for trans-oceanic adj.

    1827, “situated across the ocean,” from trans- + oceanic. Meaning “passing over the sea” is recorded from 1868.

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