Transvaal [trans-vahl, tranz-] Examples noun

  1. a province in the NE Republic of South Africa. 110,450 sq. mi. (286,066 sq. km). Capital: Pretoria.

Formerly South African Republic. Related formsTrans·vaal·er, nounTrans·vaal·i·an, adjective Examples from the Web for transvaal Historical Examples of transvaal

  • At that moment day was breaking over the plains of the Transvaal.

    The Manxman

    Hall Caine

  • Among the Boers of the Transvaal a large number are friendly to the English.

    The Last Voyage

    Lady (Annie Allnutt) Brassey

  • It will be remembered that the Transvaal was annexed by Great Britain in 1877.

    The Idler Magazine, Volume III, April 1893


  • Time, moreover, was likely to work against the existing system of the Transvaal.

    Impressions of South Africa

    James Bryce

  • The Company could no more have taken the Transvaal than it could have taken Natal.

    Impressions of South Africa

    James Bryce

  • British Dictionary definitions for transvaal Transvaal noun

    1. former province of NE South Africa: colonized by the Boers after the Great Trek (1836); became a British colony in 1902; joined South Africa in 1910; replaced in 1994 for administrative purposes by a new system of provinces (Eastern Transvaal (later Mpumalanga), Northern Transvaal (later Limpopo), Gauteng, and North West province). Capital: Pretoria

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