Transylvania [tran-sil-veyn-yuh, -vey-nee-uh] Examples noun

  1. a region and former province in central Romania: formerly part of Hungary. 24,027 sq. mi. (62,230 sq. km).

Related formsTran·syl·va·nian, adjective, noun Examples from the Web for transylvania Contemporary Examples of transylvania

  • We were talking last night about making a vampire film festival in Transylvania.

    Tilda Swinton Blasts Putin at SXSW, Discusses ‘Only Lovers Left Alive’ and ‘My Cousin’ David Bowie

    Marlow Stern

    March 11, 2014

  • When the horror comes from Transylvania, there’s always a comfortable giggle behind the shudders.

    Jaws’s Anniversary: Newsweek’s 1975 Review

    Arthur Cooper

    June 20, 2012

  • A good amount below the GDP of the real Transylvania ($70 billion).

    Gross Vampire Product

    Duff McDonald

    November 18, 2009

  • And Stoker had no more visited Transylvania than Burroughs Africa.

    The Original Sexy Beast

    Anthony Haden-Guest

    July 2, 2009

  • Historical Examples of transylvania

  • Boiling Springs, Ky., represented in Transylvania legislature, 193.

    Chronicles of Border Warfare

    Alexander Scott Withers

  • Once you ‘re down in Transylvania, write me word whom you ‘d like to know.

    That Boy Of Norcott’s

    Charles James Lever

  • I am going home, to Transylvania, for my people are in trouble and I must go and help them.


    Maurus Jokai

  • And when you come back, if you find me asleep, just whisper in my ear, ‘News from Transylvania!’


    Maurus Jokai

  • She fetched from her bookcase a military map of Transylvania.


    Maurus Jokai

  • British Dictionary definitions for transylvania Transylvania noun

    1. a region of central and NW Romania: belonged to Hungary from the 11th century until 1918; restored to Romania in 1947

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