trapezohedron [truh-pee-zuh-hee-druh n, trap-uh-] ExamplesWord Origin noun, plural tra·pe·zo·he·drons, tra·pe·zo·he·dra [truh-pee-zuh-hee-druh, trap-uh-] /trəˌpi zəˈhi drə, ˌtræp ə-/.

  1. Crystallography. a crystal form having all faces trapeziums.
  2. Geometry. a trapezoid trisoctahedron.

Origin of trapezohedron First recorded in 1810–20; trapez(oid) + -o + -hedron Related formstra·pe·zo·he·dral, adjective Examples from the Web for trapezohedron Historical Examples of trapezohedron

  • Bounded by twenty-four trapezoidal faces, and hence sometimes called a “trapezohedron.”

    Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 7, Slice 7


  • British Dictionary definitions for trapezohedron trapezohedron noun plural -drons or -dra (-drə)

    1. crystallog a crystal form in which all the crystal’s faces are trapeziums

    Derived Formstrapezohedral, adjectiveWord Origin for trapezohedron C19: from trapezo- combining form of trapezium + -hedron, on the model of tetrahedron

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