trauchle [trah-khuh l] Examples noun, verb (used with object), trau·chled, trau·chling. Scot.

  1. trachle.

trachle or trau·chle [trah-khuh l]Scot. noun

  1. an exhausting effort, especially walking or working.
  2. an exhausted or bedraggled person.

verb (used with object), tra·chled, tra·chling.

  1. to fatigue; tire; wear out.
  2. to bedraggle.

Origin of trachle 1540–50; Dutch dialect tragelen to walk laboriously; compare Dutch traag sluggish Examples from the Web for trauchle Historical Examples of trauchle

  • He did kind o’ revive after his dram, an’ wi’ nae sma’ trauchle they got him to his bed.

    Betty Grier

    Joseph Waugh

  • British Dictionary definitions for trauchle trauchle noun

    1. work or a task that is tiring, monotonous, and lengthy


    1. (intr) to walk or work slowly and wearily

    Word Origin for trauchle C19: of uncertain origin

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