tref [treyf] ExamplesWord Origin adjective

  1. Judaism. unfit to be eaten or used, according to religious laws; not kosher.

Also treyf, trayf, terefah. Origin of tref Yiddish treyf Hebrew ṭərēphāh torn flesh, literally, something torn Examples from the Web for tref Historical Examples of tref

  • Tref, having been put upon the scent, followed the trail through several streets until he came to a night-shelter.

    Science and the Criminal

    C. Ainsworth Mitchell

  • Llanfair tref Helygon,—The parish church was in ruins many years ago; the oldest inhabitant does not remember it standing.

    British Quarterly Review, American Edition, Vol. LIII


  • British Dictionary definitions for tref tref treif treifa (ˈtreɪfə) adjective

    1. Judaism ritually unfit to be eaten; not kosher

    Word Origin for tref Yiddish, from Hebrew terēphāh, literally: torn (i.e., animal meat torn by beasts), from tāraf to tear Word Origin and History for tref n.

    Welsh, literally “hamlet, home, town.”

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