Triangulum [trahy-ang-gyuh-luh m] ExamplesWord Origin noun, genitive Tri·an·gu·li [trahy-ang-gyuh-lahy] /traɪˈæŋ gyəˌlaɪ/. Astronomy.

  1. the Triangle, a northern constellation between Pisces and Perseus.

Origin of Triangulum Borrowed into English from New Latin around 1545–55 Examples from the Web for triangulum Historical Examples of triangulum

  • The Andromeda Nebula is apparently less advanced toward transformation into stellar bodies than is that in Triangulum.

    Curiosities of the Sky

    Garrett Serviss

  • Triangulum and Aries are two rather inconspicuous constellations that lie on, or close to, the meridian at this time.

    Astronomy for Young Folks

    Isabel Martin Lewis

  • Triangulum is a very ancient constellation, being formerly named Deltoton, from the Greek letter Delta Δ.

    A Field Book of the Stars

    William Tyler Olcott

  • British Dictionary definitions for triangulum Triangulum noun Latin genitive Trianguli (traɪˈæŋɡjʊˌlaɪ)

    1. a small triangular constellation in the N hemisphere, close to Perseus and Aries
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