triazole [trahy-uh-zohl, trahy-az-ohl] Word Origin noun Chemistry.

  1. any of a group of four compounds containing three nitrogen and two carbon atoms arranged in a five-membered ring and having the formula C2H3N3.
  2. any of a number of their derivatives.

Origin of triazole First recorded in 1885–90; tri- + azole Related formstri·a·zol·ic [trahy-uh-zol-ik] /ˌtraɪ əˈzɒl ɪk/, adjective British Dictionary definitions for triazole triazole noun

  1. any of four heterocyclic compounds having a five-membered ring with the formula C 2 H 3 N 3
  2. any substituted derivative of any of these compounds

Derived Formstriazolic (ˌtraɪəˈzɒlɪk), adjectiveWord Origin for triazole C19: from tri- + azole

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