unappropriated [uhn-uh-proh-pree-ey-tid] ExamplesWord Origin adjective

  1. not set apart or voted for some purpose or use, as money, revenues, etc.
  2. not taken into possession by any person: A portion of the land remained unappropriated.

Origin of unappropriated 1750–60; un-1 + appropriated Examples from the Web for unappropriated Historical Examples of unappropriated

  • The Environment is really an unappropriated part of ourselves.

    Natural Law in the Spiritual World

    Henry Drummond

  • In spite of all her money she’s always been an unappropriated blessing.

    A Lost Cause

    Cyril Arthur Edward Ranger Gull

  • I don’t know how long that water-power has been there unappropriated.

    The American Missionary — Volume 33, No. 02, February, 1879


  • He had vaguely hoped that this lovely creature was unappropriated.


    H. Rider Haggard

  • While unoccupied or unappropriated, it was common to every settler.

    Landholding In England

    Joseph Fisher

  • British Dictionary definitions for unappropriated unappropriated adjective

    1. not set aside for specific use
    2. accounting designating that portion of the profits of a business enterprise that is retained in the business and not withdrawn by the proprietor
    3. (of property) not having been taken into any person’s possession or control
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