unbacked [uhn-bakt] ExamplesWord Origin See more synonyms for unbacked on Thesaurus.com adjective

  1. without backing or support.
  2. not supported by bets: an unbacked challenger.
  3. not endorsed: an unbacked product.
  4. never having been mounted by a rider, as a horse.

Origin of unbacked First recorded in 1585–95; un-1 + backed Related Words for unbacked incorrect, illogical, erroneous, unhealthy, defective, insecure, fragile, unsafe, inaccurate, shaky, unstable, insane, unreliable, faulty, unbalanced, false, flawed, ailing, crazed, dangerous Examples from the Web for unbacked Historical Examples of unbacked

  • More to the northward, the country was low and unbacked by any elevations.

    Two Expeditions into the Interior of Southern Australia, Complete

    Charles Sturt

  • Such large amounts of unbacked paper could lead to but one result, a steadily increasing depreciation.

    The Colonization of North America

    Herbert Eugene Bolton

  • He paid their fare at the opening in the tent and went in and sat on one of the crude, unbacked benches.

    The Cottage of Delight

    Will N. Harben

  • Marie made up for lost time, for being alone now, and unbacked by sympathising friends, I was again in her power.

    The Confession of a Fool

    August Strindberg

  • Reliance upon high sounding words, unbacked by deeds, is proof of a mind that dwells only in the realm of shadow and of sham.

    Theodore Roosevelt and His Times

    Harold Howland

  • British Dictionary definitions for unbacked unbacked adjective

    1. (of a book, chair, etc) not having a back
    2. bereft of support, esp on a financial basis
    3. (of a horse)
      1. not supported by bets
      2. never having been ridden
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