1. a quantity of medicine prescribed to be taken at one time.
  2. a substance, situation, or quantity of anything analogous to medicine, especially of something disagreeable: Failing the exam was a hard dose to swallow.
  3. an amount of sugar added in the production of champagne.
  4. Physics.
    1. Also called absorbed dose.the quantity of ionizing radiation absorbed by a unit mass of matter, especially living tissue: measured in gray or rad.
    2. exposure dose.
  5. Slang. a case of gonorrhea or syphilis.

verb (used with object), dosed, dos·ing.

  1. to administer in or apportion for doses.
  2. to give a dose of medicine to.
  3. to add sugar to (champagne) during production.

verb (used without object), dosed, dos·ing.

  1. to take a dose of medicine.


  1. med a specific quantity of a therapeutic drug or agent taken at any one time or at specified intervals
  2. informal something unpleasant to experiencea dose of influenza
  3. Also called: dosage the total energy of ionizing radiation absorbed by unit mass of material, esp of living tissue; usually measured in grays (SI unit) or rads
  4. Also called: dosage a small amount of syrup added to wine, esp sparkling wine, when the sediment is removed and the bottle is corked
  5. slang a venereal infection, esp gonorrhoea
  6. like a dose of salts very quickly indeed

verb (tr)

  1. to administer a dose or doses to (someone)
  2. med to give (a therapeutic drug or agent) in appropriate quantities
  3. (often foll by up) to give (someone, esp oneself) drugs, medicine, etc, esp in large quantities
  4. to add syrup to (wine) during bottling

n.c.1600, from Middle French dose (15c.), from Late Latin dosis, from Greek dosis “a portion prescribed,” literally “a giving,” used by Galen and other Greek physicians to mean an amount of medicine, from stem of didonai “to give” (see date (n.1)). Slang meaning “venereal disease” is from 1914. v.1650s, from dose (n.). Related: Dosed; dosing. n.

  1. A specified quantity of a therapeutic agent, such as a drug, prescribed to be taken at one time or at stated intervals.
  2. The amount of radiation administered as therapy to a given site.


  1. To give or prescribe something, such as medicine, in specified amounts.
  2. To give someone a dose, as of medicine.

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