verb (used with object), jum·bled, jum·bling.

  1. to mix in a confused mass; put or throw together without order: You’ve jumbled up all the cards.
  2. to confuse mentally; muddle.

verb (used without object), jum·bled, jum·bling.

  1. to be mixed together in a disorderly heap or mass.
  2. to meet or come together confusedly.


  1. a mixed or disordered heap or mass: a jumble of paper clips, rubber bands, and string.
  2. a confused mixture; medley.
  3. a state of confusion or disorder.
  4. Also jum·bal. a small, round, flat cake or cookie with a hole in the middle.


  1. to mingle (objects, papers, etc) in a state of disorder
  2. (tr; usually passive) to remember in a confused form; muddle


  1. a disordered mass, state, etc
  2. British articles donated for a jumble sale
  3. Also called: jumbal a small thin cake, usually ring-shaped

n.“a confused mixture,” 1660s, from jumble (v.). v.1520s, originally “to move confusedly,” perhaps coined on model of stumble, tumble, etc. In 17c., it was yet another euphemism for “have sex with” (a sense first attested 1580s). Meaning “mix or confuse” is from 1540s. Related: Jumbled; jumbling.

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