verb (used with object), un·plugged, un·plug·ging.

  1. to remove a plug or stopper from.
  2. to free of an obstruction; unclog: a pill to unplug clogged arteries.
  3. to disconnect (an appliance, a telephone, etc.) by removing its plug from an outlet: to unplug a toaster.
  4. to remove (an electric plug with its cord) from an outlet.

verb (used without object), un·plugged, un·plug·ging.

  1. to become unplugged.
  2. to refrain from using digital or electronic devices for a period of time: It’s a great place to relax and unplug.


  1. (of a performer or performance of popular music) using acoustic rather than electric instrumentsEric Clapton unplugged; an unplugged version of the song

verb -plugs, -plugging or -plugged (tr)

  1. to disconnect (an electrical appliance) by taking the plug out of the socket
  2. to remove a plug or obstruction from
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