1. not steady or firm; unstable; shaky: an unsteady hand.
  2. fluctuating or wavering: an unsteady flame; unsteady prices.
  3. irregular or uneven: an unsteady development.

verb (used with object), un·stead·ied, un·stead·y·ing.

  1. to make unsteady.


  1. not securely fixedan unsteady foothold
  2. (of behaviour, etc) lacking constancy; erratic
  3. without regularityan unsteady rhythm
  4. (of a manner of walking, etc) precarious, staggering, as from intoxication

verb -steadies, -steadying or -steadied

  1. (tr) to make unsteady

adj.1590s, from un- (1) “not” + steady (adj.). Cf. Old Frisian unstadich, German unstätig, Middle Dutch onstadich.

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