1. thoughtless; heedless; inconsiderate: an unthinking, tactless person.
  2. indicating lack of thought or reflection: a dull, unthinking expression on his face.
  3. not endowed with the faculty of thought: unthinking matter.
  4. not exercising thought; not given to reflection: This book will not profit an unthinking person.
  5. not thinking; unmindful: chores done in an unthinking manner.

verb (used without object), un·thought, un·think·ing.

  1. to end one’s thought or reverse the process of thought.

verb (used with object), un·thought, un·think·ing.

  1. to dispel from the mind: Unthink your thoughts.


  1. lacking thoughtfulness; inconsiderate
  2. heedless; inadvertentit was done in an unthinking moment
  3. not thinking or able to think

verb -thinks, -thinking or -thought (tr)

  1. to reverse one’s opinion about
  2. to dispel from the mind

adj.“unreflecting,” 1670s, from un- + present participle of think.

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