adjective, un·wor·thi·er, un·wor·thi·est.

  1. not worthy; lacking worth or excellence.
  2. beneath the dignity (usually followed by of): behavior unworthy of a king.
  3. of a kind not worthy (often followed by of).
  4. not of adequate merit or character.
  5. not commendable or creditable.
  6. not deserving.

noun, plural un·wor·thies.

  1. an unworthy person.


  1. (often foll by of) not deserving or worthy
  2. (often foll by of) beneath the level considered befitting (to)that remark is unworthy of you
  3. lacking merit or value
  4. (of treatment) not warranted or deserved

adj.mid-13c., unwurði, from un- (1) “not” + worthy. Cf. Middle Dutch onwerdich, Dutch onwaardig, Middle Low German unwerdich, Old High German unwirdig, Old Norse uverðugr.

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