verb (used with object), up·held, up·hold·ing.

  1. to support or defend, as against opposition or criticism: He fought the duel to uphold his family’s honor.
  2. to keep up or keep from sinking; support: Stout columns upheld the building’s heavy roof. Her faith upheld her in that time of sadness.
  3. to lift upward; raise: The pilgrims upheld their eyes and thanked heaven for their safe journey.
  4. British.
    1. to upholster.
    2. to maintain in good condition; take care of.

verb -holds, -holding or -held (tr)

  1. to maintain, affirm, or defend against opposition or challenge
  2. to give moral support or inspiration to
  3. rare to support physically
  4. to lift up

v.early 13c., “support, sustain,” from up + hold (v.). Cf. Old Frisian upholda, Middle Dutch ophouden, German aufhalten. Related: Upheld; upholding.

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