1. simple past tense of uprise.

verb (used without object), up·rose, up·ris·en, up·ris·ing.

  1. to rise up; get up, as from a lying or sitting posture.
  2. to rise into view: As we approached the city, the spires of tall buildings uprose as if to greet us.
  3. to rise in revolt.
  4. to come into existence or prominence: Many calamities uprose to plague the people during the war.
  5. to move upward; mount up; ascend.
  6. to come above the horizon.
  7. to slope upward: The land uprises from the river to the hills.
  8. to swell or grow, as a sound: A blare of trumpets uprose to salute the king.


  1. an act of rising up.

verb (ʌpˈraɪz) -rises, -rising, -rose or -risen

  1. (tr) to rise up

noun (ˈʌpˌraɪz)

  1. another word for rise (def. 24), rise (def. 25), rise (def. 26)

v.c.1300, “stand up; get out of bed; ascend to a higher level,” from up + rise (v.). Cf. West Frisian oprize, Middle Dutch oprisen, Dutch oprijzen.

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