1. the upper side or part.
  2. that part of a chart or graph that shows a higher level, especially in price.
  3. an upward trend, as in stock prices.
  4. a positive result.
  5. an encouraging or positive aspect.


  1. going higher, especially in price or worth: This stock has a nice upside potential.


  1. on or against the side of: Give him a smack upside the head.
  1. get upsides with, British. to get even with.


  1. the upper surface or part

1610s, “upper side or surface,” from up + side. Phrase upside (someone’s) head in reference to a blow to the head is recorded from 1970, U.S. black slang.

In addition to the idiom beginning with upside

  • upside the head

also see:

  • turn upside down

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