1. the upper side or part.
  2. that part of a chart or graph that shows a higher level, especially in price.
  3. an upward trend, as in stock prices.
  4. a positive result.
  5. an encouraging or positive aspect.


  1. going higher, especially in price or worth: This stock has a nice upside potential.


  1. on or against the side of: Give him a smack upside the head.
  1. get upsides with, British. to get even with.


  1. informal, mainly British (foll by with) equal or level (with), as through revenge or retaliation


  1. the upper surface or part

1610s, “upper side or surface,” from up + side. Phrase upside (someone’s) head in reference to a blow to the head is recorded from 1970, U.S. black slang.

In addition to the idiom beginning with upside

  • upside the head

also see:

  • turn upside down

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