uropod [yoo r-uh-pod] Word Origin noun

  1. an abdominal limb of an arthropod, especially one of those on either side of the telson, as in a lobster.

Origin of uropod First recorded in 1885–90; uro-2 + -pod Related formsu·rop·o·dal [yoo-rop-uh-dl] /yʊˈrɒp ə dl/, u·rop·o·dous, adjective British Dictionary definitions for uropod uropod noun

  1. the paired appendage that arises from the last segment of the body in lobsters and related crustaceans and forms part of the tail fan

Derived Formsuropodal (jʊˈrɒpədəl) or uropodous, adjectiveWord Origin for uropod C19: from uro- ² + -pod

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