Sunday , September 20 2020
Joe Biden attacks Trump sharply: "He did not protect America"

US election 2020: "Scientific American" recommends a candidate for the first time in 175 years

US election 2020
Scientific American recommends a presidential candidate for the first time in 175 years

See in the video: Biden attacks Trump – "Get off Twitter, do your job!"

US Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden has urged incumbent President Trump to finally do his job and better manage the coronavirus pandemic. At a campaign rally on Wednesday, he said: “If President Trump and his administration had done a better job at the start of the crisis, schools could have reopened long ago. We are in a national crisis. But President Trump still lacks a proper plan for how to safely open schools. Mr. President, where are you? Why aren't you working on it? We need crisis aid for schools, and now. Mr. President, this is your job. Your focus now is to send the children back to school safely, rather than creating fear and division, not fueling violence. Leave Twitter. ”Biden is currently placing the virus pandemic at the center of his election campaign. Biden presents the November presidential election as an opportunity to vote on the Trump administration's poor crisis management. Trump hosted a campaign event in North Carolina at the same time, at which only a few participants wore mouth and nose protection.


It is an unprecedented step for the oldest science magazine in the USA: "Scientific American" has made a voting recommendation in the race for the White House: for Joe Biden.

On the occasion of the presidential elections on November 3rd, the US science magazine "Scientific American" made an election recommendation for the first time in its 175-year history. The prestigious magazine recommends its readers, for Donald Trump's Democratic challenger Joe Biden to vote.

"It's not easy for us," said an editorial for the October issue of the magazine published on Tuesday (local time). "The evidence and science shows Donald Trump is the United States and has done serious harm to her people – for rejecting evidence and science. "

The most devastating example of this is the "dishonest and inappropriate" reaction of the US president to the corona pandemic, which has so far claimed the lives of almost 200,000 US citizens, writes the paper. But the scientists also cite Trump's denial of climate change and his attacks on the health system as irresponsible. "So we urge you to vote for Joe Biden, who offers fact-based plans to protect our health, economy and the environment."

The magazine, which was founded in 1845, claims to be the oldest continuously published magazine in the USA and reaches ten million people worldwide.

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