useful [yoos-fuhl] SynonymsWord Origin adjective

  1. being of use or service; serving some purpose; advantageous, helpful, or of good effect: a useful member of society.
  2. of practical use, as for doing work; producing material results; supplying common needs: the useful arts; useful work.

Origin of useful First recorded in 1585–95; use + -ful Related formsuse·ful·ly, adverbuse·ful·ness, nounun·use·ful, adjectiveun·use·ful·ly, adverbun·use·ful·ness, nounSynonyms for useful 1, 2. profitable, efficacious, beneficial.Antonyms for useful 1, 2. useless. British Dictionary definitions for use-fully useful adjective

  1. able to be used advantageously, beneficially, or for several purposes; helpful or serviceable
  2. informal commendable or capablea useful term’s work


  1. Australian informal an odd-jobman or general factotum

Derived Formsusefully, adverbusefulness, noun Word Origin and History for use-fully useful adj.

1590s, from use (n.) + -full. Related: Usefully; usefulness.

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