uvula [yoo-vyuh-luh] ExamplesWord Origin noun, plural u·vu·las, u·vu·lae [yoo-vyuh-lee] /ˈyu vyəˈli/. Anatomy.

  1. the small, fleshy, conical body projecting downward from the middle of the soft palate.
  2. a similar structure in any organ of the body, especially one at the opening of the bladder.

Origin of uvula 1350–1400; Middle English Medieval Latin ūvula, equivalent to Latin ūv(a) ‘grape’ + -ula -ule Examples from the Web for uvula Historical Examples of uvula

  • His directions for the removal of the uvula are very definite.

    Old-Time Makers of Medicine

    James J. Walsh

  • The uvula, the pillars of the palate, and the tonsils are parts of the structure.

    The Child-Voice in Singing

    Francis E. Howard

  • The Orang-utan has no uvula as in Man and in the Chimpanzees.

    A Hand-book to the Primates, Volume 2 (of 2)

    Henry O. Forbes

  • This spreads to other parts, extending in doing so, over the soft palate and uvula, inclosing the latter in a sheath.

    Cooley’s Cyclopdia of Practical Receipts and Collateral Information in the Arts, Manufactures, Professions, and Trades…, Sixth Edition, Volume I

    Arnold Cooley

  • It was necessary three weeks afterward to amputate the uvula.

    The Voice

    Frank E. Miller

  • British Dictionary definitions for uvula uvula noun plural -las or -lae (-ˌliː)

    1. a small fleshy finger-like flap of tissue that hangs in the back of the throat and is an extension of the soft palate

    Word Origin for uvula C14: from Medieval Latin, literally: a little grape, from Latin ūva a grape Word Origin and History for uvula n.

    late 14c., from Late Latin uvula, from Latin uvola “small bunch of grapes,” diminutive of uva “grape,” which is of unknown origin. So called from fancied resemblance of the organ to small grapes.

    uvula in Medicine uvula [yōō′vyə-lə] n. pl. u•vu•las

    1. A small conical pendent fleshy mass of tissue, especially the uvula palatina.

    uvula in Science uvula [yōō′vyə-lə]

    1. A small mass of fleshy tissue that hangs from the back of the soft palate.

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