uxor [uhk-sawr, -sohr, uhg-zawr, -zohr] Examples noun Latin.

  1. wife (used chiefly in the legal phrase et uxor).

et uxor [et uhk-sawr, -sohr, uhg-zawr, -zohr] Latin.

  1. and wife (used chiefly in its abbreviated form, in legal abstracts of title). Abbreviation: et ux.

Examples from the Web for uxor Historical Examples of uxor

  • The use of the word “uxor” is no certain proof that he was alive at the time.

    Shakespeare’s Family

    Mrs. C. C. Stopes

  • Uxor is the ordinary, marita a poetical, expression for a wife.

    Dderlein’s Hand-book of Latin Synonymes

    Ludwig Dderlein

  • I was much pleased with his ‘uxor Sabina qualis,’ and the poet’s modest mansion, so unlike the habitation of ordinary rustics.

    Robert Burns

    Principal Shairp.

  • Concubina enim tua fieri pudica mulier nolebat, uxor volebat.

    History of the Reformation in the Sixteenth Century, Volume V

    J. H. Merle d’Aubigné

  • A little later these genitives were followed by the letter f (for flius or flia) or uxor, to denote the relationship.

    The Private Life of the Romans

    Harold Whetstone Johnston

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