uxoricide [uhk-sawr-uh-sahyd, -sohr-, uhg-zawr-, -zohr-] Word Origin noun

  1. the act of murdering one’s wife.
  2. a man who murders his wife.

Origin of uxoricide 1855–60; Latin ūxor wife + -i- + -cide Related formsux·o·ri·cid·al, adjective British Dictionary definitions for uxoricide uxoricide noun

  1. the act of killing one’s wife
  2. a man who kills his wife

Derived Formsuxoricidal, adjectiveWord Origin for uxoricide C19: from Latin uxor wife + -cide Word Origin and History for uxoricide n.

1854, “the murder of one’s wife;” 1860, “one who kills his wife,” from Latin uxor “wife” (see uxorious) + -cide. Related: Uxoricidal.

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