noun, plural ve·la [vee-luh] /ˈvi lə/, for 1, 2, ve·lum for 3.

  1. Biology. any of various veillike or curtainlike membranous partitions.
  2. Anatomy. the soft palate.See under palate(def 1).
  3. Meteorology. a thin cloud, large in horizontal area, that is draped over or penetrated by cumuliform clouds.

noun plural -la (-lə)

  1. zoology any of various membranous structures, such as the ciliated oral membrane of certain mollusc larvae or the veil-like membrane running around the rim of a jellyfish
  2. anatomy any of various veil-like bodily structures, esp the soft palate
  3. botany another word for veil (def. 6)

1771, from Latin velum “a sail, awning, curtain, covering” (see veil (n.)).

n. pl. ve•la (-lə)

  1. An anatomical structure resembling a veil or curtain.veil velamen
  2. greater omentum
  3. A serous membrane or membranous envelope or covering.
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