Video: "35 plus X" - Merz sets Union election target

Video: "35 plus X" – Merz sets Union election target

(NOTE: THIS CONTRIBUTION IS WITHOUT NARRATOR TEXT.) CDU POLITICIAN FRIEDRICH MERZ ON TUESDAY IN BERLIN: "This is a great challenge for the CDU / CSU. My firm belief remains that we can win back voters, some of them among those Greens went, but also some who went to the AfD. The potential of the Union of CDU and CSU is in any case beyond 35 percent. And that must also be the yardstick for the next Bundestag election. We have to reach 35 plus X again want. And if we want that, we can do it too. " // "I make no secret of the fact that I have never been a friend of this financial transaction tax. I have never endorsed it, I have always believed it to be wrong. And in the form it is now planned to be, namely is pure taxation of private stock ownership, it is precisely counterproductive. It does not dampen excesses in the capital market, because it would have had to be applied to completely different instruments. It has become a small investor tax how you can support such a tax if you know on the other hand, and everyone knows that we have too little access to the capital market for private households. "

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