Anklage im Abgasskandal: Der Fall des Martin Winterkorn

Volkswagen: Martin Winterkorn indicted in diesel affair

In the diesel affair has the prosecutor's office Brunswick Charge against Martin Winterkorn levied. The former boss of the car maker Volkswagen and four other defendants, including serious fraud and a violation of the Unfair Competition Act. This was announced by the Prosecution.

Winterkorn is also accused of unfaithfulness for failing to do so after 25 May 2014, "after being aware of any illegal manipulation of diesel engines, to the competent authorities in Europe and the United States United States as well as to disclose to customers and prohibit the further installation of the so-called 'defeat devices' as well as the distribution of vehicles with this 'defeat device'.

Own income should have been increased by fraud

The investigations of the prosecutor are comprehensive. The indictment alone covers 692 pages, the prosecution has compiled the suspicion in 300 volumes of about 75,000 pages. Winterkorn and the four co-defendants had deliberately concealed the existence of this illegal defeat device "to meet the increasing demands for low pollutant emissions in diesel vehicles seemingly," it says on the part of the prosecutor. The aim was to secure VW existing market shares – and to increase the assets of the group and the accused themselves.

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Charge in the exhaust scandal:
The case of Martin Winterkorn

The corresponding diesel vehicles were truthfully been promoted as particularly low in pollutants and environmentally friendly. In Europe and the United States In total, more than nine million non-eligible vehicles have been placed on the market.

The VW Group had admitted in September 2015, after investigations by US authorities, to have used illegal software in about 11 million diesel vehicles worldwide. This pushed pollutant emissions during emissions tests, so that it appeared lower. Winterkorn was after the tampering became known resigned in September 2015, The now announced charges are a partial closure of the investigation, the authority said – more charges can follow. Volkswagen Declined to comment on the grounds that the group was not part of the procedure.

The prosecution accuses Winterkorn and the co-accused of having deliberately and deliberately deceived buyers. The accused would have wanted to give the group the highest possible sales figures with the highest possible profit. "The economic success of the company ultimately also affected the income of the accused, in particular their contractually foreseen bonus payment"Off," said the prosecutor.

Winterkorn should also have known about a software update and approved it, which was "useless and should serve to disguise the true reason for the increased pollutant levels in normal operation of the vehicles continue." The update was carried out in November 2014 and cost 23 million euros.

Winterkorn lawyer raises allegations against prosecutors

Winterkorn's defense raised allegations against the Prosecutor's Office in Braunschweig following a statement by attorney Felix Dörr that the prosecution of the defense had last sent seven DVDs containing about 300 folders of material on April 5 – "including dozens of file folders unknown to the defense were". The request to review the material and submit a written statement was not met.

The public prosecutor's office did not say in its communication to the prosecution who the other four defendants were next to the 71-year-old. They are "leaders". The period of action was a total of 15 November 2006 to 22 September 2015. Recently, the prosecutor in Braunschweig had been identified against dozens of accused because of the manipulation of nitrogen oxide emissions.

In addition, some of the current five defendants will be unfaithful, tax evasion and indirect false certification. The responsible district court Braunschweig must now decide on the admission of the indictment. In particularly serious cases, there are six months to ten years in prison.

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