well-liked adjective (well liked when postpositive)

  1. liked by many people; popular

Related Words for well-liked fashionable, favored, famous, attractive, beloved, trendy, suitable, prominent, approved, loved, dear, favorite, respected, popular, hallowed, prized, treasured, cherished, well-liked, esteemed Examples from the Web for well-liked Contemporary Examples of well-liked

  • A talented, well-liked artist like Zoe Keating makes about $6,000 for being streamed over 400,000 times.

    Death of the Author by Viral Infection: In Defense of Taylor Swift, Digital Doomsayer

    Arthur Chu

    December 3, 2014

  • McGeehan personally knows Upadhyaya and describes him as “a warm, gentle, and well-liked human rights activist.”

    World Cup Watchdogs Go Missing in Qatar

    Nina Strochlic

    September 5, 2014

  • Much of the explanation is personal—the reserved, sometimes prickly politico has never been well-liked.

    Mitch McConnell Won Big Tuesday Night, but It’ll Be a Different Story Come November

    Jonathan Miller

    May 21, 2014

  • One Japanese reporter likened her persona to Goldie Hawn on the old Laugh-In: “She was well-liked for being ditzy.”

    Masahiro Tanaka Is the Yankees’ $155M Lethal Weapon and Strikeout Machine

    Allen Barra

    May 9, 2014

  • He found his teacher, a well-liked geography instructor, in class with around 20 students.

    An American-Style School Shooting in Moscow

    Andrew S. Bowen

    February 4, 2014

  • Historical Examples of well-liked

  • Dacres was a favourite with his brother-officers and well-liked by the Lower Deck.

    The Dreadnought of the Air

    Percy F. Westerman

  • I have a splendid case against them because you are so well-liked on 214 the campus.

    Marjorie Dean College Junior

    Pauline Lester

  • However that may be, he was well-liked and trusted in Virginia.

    Legends of Loudoun

    Harrison Williams

  • If you learn to use the exclamations, it makes you interesting and well-liked.

    Villa Elsa

    Stuart Henry

  • “You should thus be pleased that you are well-liked, Judy,” asserted Adrienne.

    Jane Allen: Right Guard

    Edith Bancroft

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