well-schooled adjective (well schooled when postpositive)

  1. having been trained or educated sufficiently, as in a schoolwell-schooled ponies

Examples from the Web for well-schooled Historical Examples of well-schooled

  • His well-schooled features revealed no trace of the idea—or of any other idea.

    The Talkative Tree

    Horace Brown Fyfe

  • It was a remote, well-schooled eye that she lifted now upon him.

    The Virginian

    Owen Wister

  • He saw that Enslee was a well-schooled rider who annoyed his horse a good deal, yet ruled him somehow.

    What Will People Say?

    Rupert Hughes

  • When at the age of thirty-five he made his début in politics he had become really a well-schooled and highly cultured man.

    The Brothers’ War

    John Calvin Reed

  • In his manner was neither obtrusiveness nor servility, only a kind of well-schooled ease and directness.

    The Penalty

    Gouverneur Morris

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