well-thought-of [wel-thawt-uhv, -ov] ExamplesWord Origin See more synonyms for well-thought-of on Thesaurus.com adjective

  1. highly esteemed; of good reputation: a well-thought-of scholar; This new book is well-thought-of.

Origin of well-thought-of First recorded in 1570–80 Related Words for well-thought-of respected, renowned, preeminent, outstanding, leading, notable, eminent, noted, well-known, popular, great, notorious, distinguished, big-name, trustworthy, illustrious, prominent, esteemed, satisfactory, decent Examples from the Web for well-thought-of Historical Examples of well-thought-of

  • You are rich and well-thought-of at Court, and I a soldier of fortune, not too successful.

    A Gentleman of France

    Stanley Weyman

  • For, believe me, there is nothing so all-absorbing as for once respected and well-thought-of people to be under a cloud.

    Tales of Destiny

    Edmund Mitchell

  • When Ruric had ended this talking, Count Manuel laughed scornfully, and spoke as became a well-thought-of nobleman.

    Figures of Earth

    James Branch Cabell

  • British Dictionary definitions for well-thought-of well-thought-of adjective (well thought of when postpositive)

    1. having a good reputation; respected

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