welly [wel-ee] Examples noun, plural wel·lies.

  1. wellie.

wellie or wel·ly [wel-ee] noun, plural wel·lies. Chiefly British Informal.

  1. Usually wellies. Wellington boot.

Examples from the Web for welly Historical Examples of welly

  • He skens ill enough to crack a looking-glass, welly (well-nigh).

    Lancashire Sketches

    Edwin Waugh

  • I was only just thinking, daddy, what a welly funny booful lady she were, daddy.

    At The Relton Arms

    Evelyn Sharp

  • An’ Enoch welly blew his lips off wi’ playin’, I con tell thi.

    Lancashire Idylls (1898)

    Marshall Mather

  • It’s like breaking your word, welly, for your aunt never had no thought but you’d make this your home.

    Adam Bede

    George Eliot

  • “Those chestnuts were welly fond of each other,” said Rupert, in his solemnest way, while they were cooling in the fender.

    The Christmas Fairy

    John Strange Winter

  • British Dictionary definitions for welly welly noun

    1. Also called: welly boot plural -lies informal a Wellington boot
    2. slang energy, concentration, or commitment (esp in the phrase give it some welly)
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