willemite [wil-uh-mahyt] ExamplesWord Origin noun

  1. a mineral, a zinc silicate, Zn2SiO4, sometimes containing manganese, occurring in prismatic crystals or granular masses, usually greenish, sometimes white, brown, or red: a minor ore of zinc.

Origin of willemite 1835–45; named after King Willem I; see -ite1 Examples from the Web for willemite Historical Examples of willemite

  • In the New Jersey mines the zinc ores are the oxides zincite and willemite, and the zinc-iron oxide franklinite.

    The A B C of Mining

    Charles A. Bramble

  • British Dictionary definitions for willemite willemite noun

    1. a secondary mineral consisting of zinc silicate in hexagonal crystalline form. It is white, colourless, or coloured by impurities and is found in veins of zinc ore. Formula: Zn 2 SiO 4

    Word Origin for willemite C19: from Dutch willemit, named after Willem I of the Netherlands (1772–1843)

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