wimmin [wim-in] ExamplesWord Origin plural noun Eye Dialect.

  1. women (sometimes also used as a feminist spelling to avoid the sequence m-e-n).

Origin of wimmin First recorded in 1910–15 Examples from the Web for wimmin Historical Examples of wimmin

  • I dunno as wimmin horse doctors is very common, but I dunno why not.

    Chip, of the Flying U

    B. M. Bower

  • He’s the kind o’ doctor that uses his title to give him privileges with the wimmin.

    A Man to His Mate

    J. Allan Dunn

  • (to audience, pointing to Billy disgustedly) He’s got wimmin’s stockings on.

    The Deacon

    Horace C. Dale

  • The wimmin I know are easy an free, an just a little bit gay.

    Droll Stories of Isthmian Life

    Evelyn Saxton

  • They beleaf in a hereafter, but it iz genrally a hereafter of wimmin.

    Josh Billings, Hiz Sayings

    Henry Wheeler Shaw

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