windbag [wind-bag] Word Origin noun

  1. Informal. an empty, voluble, pretentious talker.
  2. the bag of a bagpipe.

Origin of windbag late Middle English word dating back to 1425–75; see origin at wind1, bag Related formswind·bag·ger·y, noun British Dictionary definitions for windbaggery windbaggery noun

  1. informal lengthy talk or discussion with little or no interesting content

windbag noun

  1. slang a voluble person who has little of interest to communicate
  2. the bag in a set of bagpipes, which provides a continuous flow of air to the pipes

Word Origin and History for windbaggery windbag n.

late 15c., “bellows for an organ,” from wind (n.1) + bag (n.). Figurative sense of “person who talks too much” is attested from 1827.

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