windhover [wind-huhv-er, -hov-] ExamplesWord Origin noun

  1. the kestrel, Falco tinnunculus.

Origin of windhover 1665–75; wind1 + hover; from its hovering flight, head to the wind Examples from the Web for windhover Historical Examples of windhover

  • But the greatest of all exponents in the art of hovering is the kestrel, known also, for this very reason, as the “windhover.”

    Birds in Flight

    W. P. Pycraft

  • The kestrel or windhover acts in quite a different fashion to the sparrow-hawk.

    Poachers and Poaching

    John Watson

  • As illustrating a remarkable quality of flight, the case of the kestrel or windhover may be taken.

    Poachers and Poaching

    John Watson

  • British Dictionary definitions for windhover windhover noun

    1. British a dialect name for a kestrel

    Word Origin and History for windhover n.

    “kestrel,” 1670s, from wind (n.1) + hover; so called from the bird’s habit of hovering in the wind. An earlier name for it was windfucker (1590s).

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