1. John,1588–1649, English colonist in America: 1st governor of the Massachusetts Bay colony 1629–33, 1637–40, 1642–44, 1646–49.
  2. his sonJohn,1606–76, English colonist in America: colonial governor of Connecticut 1657, 1659–76.
  3. John or Fitz-John [fitsjon] /ˈfɪtsˈdʒɒn/, 1638–1707, American soldier and statesman: colonial governor of Connecticut 1698–1707 (son of the younger John Winthrop).
  4. John,1714–79, American astronomer, mathematician, and physicist.
  5. Robert Charles,1809–94, U.S. politician: Speaker of the House 1847–49.
  6. a town in E Massachusetts, near Boston.
  7. a male given name.

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