would 2[wohld] noun

  1. weld2.

British Dictionary definitions for would’s would verb (takes an infinitive without to or an implied infinitive)

  1. used as an auxiliary to form the past tense or subjunctive mood of will 1
  2. (with you, he, she, it, they, or a noun as subject) used as an auxiliary to indicate willingness or desire in a polite mannerwould you help me, please?
  3. used as an auxiliary to describe a past action as being accustomed or habitualevery day we would go for walks
  4. I wishwould that he were here

xref See should Word Origin and History for would’s would

Old English wolde, past tense of willan “to will” (see will (v.)). Would-be (adj.) “wishing, pretending” is first recorded c.1300.

Idioms and Phrases with would’s would

In addition to the idioms beginning with would

  • would rather
  • would that
  • also see:

  • as luck would have it
  • fly on the wall, would like to be a
  • Also see underwouldn’t.

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