wrist watch

wrist watch

wrist watch or wrist·watch ExamplesWord Origin noun

  1. a watch attached to a strap or band worn about the wrist.

Origin of wrist watch First recorded in 1895–1900 Examples from the Web for wrist watch Historical Examples of wrist watch

  • If you feel anything like that under the wrist-watch, breathe deeply, twice.


    Edward Elmer Smith

  • He followed the hands of his wrist-watch until they marked the visiting hour.

    The Rough Road

    William John Locke

  • She looked at the wrist-watch which, like every other little patriot, she possessed.

    Saint’s Progress

    John Galsworthy

  • The better way is to decide firmly to get a wrist-watch, and to get to sleep.

    The Perfect Gentleman

    Ralph Bergengren

  • Twice it halted and he consulted his wrist-watch with a frown.

    The Kingdom Round the Corner

    Coningsby Dawson

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