Wyandotte [wahy-uh n-dot] Examples noun, plural Wy·an·dottes for 2, 3; (especially collectively for 3) Wy·an·dotte.

  1. a city in SE Michigan, on the Detroit River.
  2. one of an American breed of chickens, raised for meat and eggs.
  3. Wyandot.

Wyandot or Wy·an·dotte [wahy-uh n-dot] noun, plural Wy·an·dots, (especially collectively) Wy·an·dot for 1.

  1. an Indian of the former Huron confederacy.
  2. a dialect of the Huron language, especially as used by those elements of the Huron tribe regrouped in Oklahoma.

Examples from the Web for wyandotte Historical Examples of wyandotte

  • Old Mother Wyandotte was right near them, clucking in fright.

    Seven O’Clock Stories

    Robert Gordon Anderson

  • Before he went up to Wyandotte to work they were—he said so, anyhow.

    The Price of the Prairie

    Margaret Hill McCarter

  • The Plymouth Rock is the favorite breed, and the Wyandotte is second.

    The Dollar Hen

    Milo M. Hastings

  • The site was originally the home of the Wyandotte Indians who were removed here from Ohio in 1843.

    America, Volume 6 (of 6)

    Joel Cook

  • The hens are a very fine breed, akin to our Wyandotte in shape, but of various colors.

    The Red Watch

    J. A. Currie

  • British Dictionary definitions for wyandotte Wyandotte noun

    1. a heavy American breed of domestic fowl with many different varieties

    Word Origin for Wyandotte C19: from Wyandot, a N American Indian people Word Origin and History for wyandotte

    North American Indian people, 1884, from Wyandot, from French Ouendat, from Huron Wendat.

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