WYSIWYG [wiz-ee-wig]Computers. Word Origin adjective

  1. of, relating to, or noting a screen display that shows text exactly as it will appear in printed output, including underlining, various typefaces, as italics, line spacing, end-of-line breaks, and paragraph indentations.


  1. a WYSIWYG display: This program won’t give you true WYSIWYG, but it does show boldface text and underlining.

Origin of WYSIWYG w(hat) y(ou) s(ee) i(s) w(hat) y(ou) g(et) British Dictionary definitions for wysiwyg WYSIWYG n acronym for, adj acronym, acronym for computing

  1. what you see is what you get: referring to what is displayed on the screen being the same as what will be printed out

Word Origin and History for wysiwyg

1982, computer programmer’s acronym from what you see is what you get.

wysiwyg in Science WYSIWYG [wĭz′ē-wĭg′]

  1. Short for what you see is what you get. A word-processing or desktop publishing system in which text is displayed on a monitor exactly as it will be printed.

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