1. a city in and the capital of the Northwest Territories, in N central Canada, on Great Slave Lake.

noun (used with a singular verb)

  1. a territory of Canada lying N of 60 degrees N and extending E from the Yukon Territory to Nunavut. 519,732 sq. mi. (1,346,106 sq. km) Capital: Yellowknife.


  1. a city in N Canada, capital of the Northwest Territories on Great Slave Lake. Pop: 16 055 (2001)

pl n

  1. a territory of NW Canada including part of Victoria Island and several other islands of the Arctic; comprised over a third of Canada’s total area until Nunavut became a separate territory in 1999: rich mineral resources. Pop: 42 810 (2004 est). Area: 2 082 910 sq km (804 003 sq miles)Abbreviation: NWT

Territory in northern Canada made up of several administrative districts, which include all the areas to the north of sixty degrees latitude between Hudson Bay and the Yukon and all the islands in Hudson Bay. Very sparsely populated, these territories make up more than one-third of Canada’s total area.

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