noun, plural yen.

  1. an aluminum coin and monetary unit of Japan, equal to 100 sen or 1000 rin. Symbol: ¥; Abbreviation: Y
  2. a former silver coin of Japan.


  1. a desire or craving: I had a yen for apple pie.

verb (used without object), yenned, yen·ning.

  1. to have a craving; yearn.

noun plural yen

  1. the standard monetary unit of Japan, (notionally) divided into 100 sen


  1. a passionate, ardent, or intense longing or desire

verb yens, yenning or yenned

  1. (intr) to yearn

n.1Japanese monetary unit, 1875, from Japanese yen, from Chinese yuan “round, round object, circle, dollar.” n.2“sharp desire, hunger,” 1906, earlier yin “intense craving for opium” (1876), from Chinese (Cantonese) yan “craving,” or from a Beijing dialect word for “smoke.” Reinforced in English by influence of yearn. see have a yen for.

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