Youngtimers - why this car class will die out

Youngtimers – why this car class will die out

For many years, cool youngtimers were an almost foolproof way to get a taste of classic automotive as a newcomer. The easy way, an affordable one automobile Moving from yesterday, which will become a real classic in a few years, was always good for the often outdated and snobbish classic car industry.

In the past 10 to 15 years, the classic car scene has been a real asset in the classic vehicle sector. So not only models like a Porsche 911 (G-series) or a Mercedes S-Class from the W 126 series with intermediate station Youngtimer to the oldie on call, but also former universal vehicles such as an Opel Ascona, a Ford Granada or the VW Golf II.

Nothing comes up

But that could soon be over. The above-mentioned models move to the Olymp Olympus due to their advancing age, and nothing moves up from below. The vehiclesThose who are 15 to 25 years old today and are slowly knocking on the garage door to the classic world no longer have the charm that had distinguished the vehicles of the previous years.

Individual models like that BMW E30 Cabrio or a Mercedes SL of the R 129 series will certainly succeed in becoming a classic and in the intermediate step as a young classic, but many vehicles of these vintages have no chance.

The curse of the unit price

In order to be considered a young classic, a car should be older than 15 years – better are 20. But in the late 1990s-early 2000s, the vehicle landscape changed significantly. At that time, the vehicles lost their individual character, often becoming pure platform models or derivatives with no particular charisma. At the same time, the quality of the cars got better and better. That speaks for the industry, but the number of scraps dropped rapidly because the ravages of time were not as gnawing on engines, bodies and technology in general as in previous generations. In the past, the rust alone ensured that the TÜV thinned out the vintages considerably – today it no longer plays a role in many models.

To this day, the number of vehicles that are still on the road from a series is correspondingly large. And the corresponding safety and comfort equipment also ensure that models such as a BMW 5 Series from the popular E34 series, the successor E39 or the Mercedes E-Class W 210 presented in 1995 are considered normal, modern vehicles of older semesters in today's street scene. They look a bit dusty, but they lack the exotic touch to find their way into the hearts of fans as youngtimers or future classic cars.

Old – but not particularly

They lack chrome, charm and that certain something. So the supposed classic cars are not much more than old cars in better or poor condition; depending on how well they were looked after. This verdict primarily affects volume cars like Opel Astra, ford Escort / focus. The VW Golf III as well as a VW Passat, Ford Scorpio or a Peugeot 406. It only looks a little different with luxury models, sports cars or convertibles or brands that no longer exist. They will continue to arouse those desires that later make them classics. If only because their number was always limited.

And yet a Porsche 911 from the 996 series or a seven-seater BMW from the E 38 series will probably never generate the demand that a Porsche 964 or a Peugeot 504 had experienced – first as a classic car and then as a classic with an H license plate.

Search and find exotic species

Only a few old cars have the makings of a young classic with potential as individual actors. For them, what applies to real oldies applies. Small series, limited editions, vehicles with the most complete equipment possible and top-of-the-range engines are particularly interesting. Just buying some well-preserved old car will no longer be enough.

If you are looking for these rare treasures, you can still buy cheaply today and hope for both driving fun and added value. Incidentally, there is modern safety and comfort equipment as well as a lot of everyday benefits. You can always stand out from the crowd.

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